Rosa Eterna Stabilizzata Blu

Blue Rose: meaning and how many to give

The blue rose is a flower that arouses much curiosity and fascination due to its unusual color and rarity. In fact, the blue rose does not exist naturally, but was created artificially through gene technology. However, the blue rose is not just a scientific curiosity: it also has an important symbolic meaning which makes it a popular gift in many contexts.

The meaning of the blue rose is that of the impossible, the inaccessible and the mysterious. Its rare color makes it a symbol of mystery and something that is difficult to obtain or understand. Furthermore, the blue rose can also be interpreted as a symbol of hope and new beginnings, as it represents something new in the world of flowers.

The origin of the blue rose was achieved through genetic technology, but the idea of creating a blue rose has actually been a goal for many rose growers for centuries. In the past, various methods had been used to obtain a blue rose, such as dyeing white roses with indigo, but they had never produced satisfactory results. It wasn't until 2004 that growers were finally able to create a blue rose through genetic engineering.

Besides the blue rose, another type of rose that is gaining popularity is preserved everlasting roses. These roses are treated with a stabilization process which involves immersing the fresh roses in a solution of glycerin and other ingredients, which replaces the water inside the petals. The result is a rose that retains its fresh, natural appearance for many months or even years without needing to be watered or cured.

Preserved Eternity Roses have many advantages over fresh roses. First, they last much longer, making them a lasting and meaningful gift for many occasions. They also don't require any maintenance, such as watering or pruning, making them a much more practical option for those who don't have the time or inclination to care for live plants.

In conclusion, blue rose and preserved everlasting roses are two types of roses that have gained popularity for different reasons. While the blue rose represents the impossible and the mysterious, preserved eternal roses are a practical and long-lasting alternative to fresh roses. Regardless of the type of rose you choose, it's important to understand their meaning and appreciate them for their beauty and symbolic value.

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