How to take care of a Preserved Eternal Rose?

Come curare una Rosa Eterna Stabilizzata?

There is nothing more surprising than coming home and finding that special rose that was gifted to you on Valentine's Day still beautiful and vibrant as the first day. And it's not just the rose, your gardenia and hydrangea centerpiece is still part of the floral decoration in the living room without withering. The beauty and color of your flowers have remained intact despite the passage of time because they are stabilized flowers.

Eternal Roses Milano® stabilized roses are 100% natural, extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. In addition to being eco-friendly, these flowers offer excellent value for money, providing great long-term savings.

The preservation treatment, carried out with a 100% biodegradable plant-based liquid, allows the flowers to maintain their original characteristics, color and texture for a long period. This way, you can enjoy your floral compositions without having to water or replace them frequently.

But what do we need to do to take care of these flowers?

With minimal care, you can enjoy your stabilized flowers for many months, even years. This is one of the main advantages of these indoor flowers, which do not require water, fertilizer or sunlight.

To keep your stabilized flowers in perfect condition, it is important to follow some simple precautions. Keep them away from direct light sources so they don't lose their color and beauty, and dust them occasionally with a cloth or hairdryer, taking care not to damage their delicate petals.

Furthermore, here are some practical tips for keeping your stabilized flowers and plants in suitable conditions for a long time:

  • Do not put them in water containers, as they are treated plants that are not alive, even though they may appear so.
  • Keep them away from humid environments. In coastal or rainy areas where humidity is very intense, it is necessary to place them in spaces far from points of air entry or ventilation.
  • Do not place them in locations where they receive direct sunlight. Stabilized flowers should not be exposed to prolonged and continuous sunlight.
  • Do not press, fold or crush petals or stems, as they are delicate pieces that can easily be damaged.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy the beauty of your stabilized flowers for a long time without worrying about their care and maintenance.